Iraqi Political Theater: More than a Comment

المسرح السياسي العراقي : أكثر من مجرد تعليق


  • Fatima Shakir Khalaf University of Wassit /college of education /department of English language and literature .
  • Asst. Prof. Sanaa Lazim Hassan University of Baghdad/ College of Arts/ Department of English.



political theatre , war , obstruction , dark images ,devastating effect



This study aims to shed light on the Iraqi political theatre , and how the political events especially war  effected the on the theatrical works. The researcher chooses the Iraqi playwright Ali Abdul nabi  Az-Zaidi as representative .The study gives short introduction on the Iraqi  political events  starting  from 1980`s , then it deals with (Rubbish)  (Qummama)  and this play  shows the destruction of Iraqi  social life  after long eight years of war , the play tells the story of a solider  comes back from a war  with  an obstruction to find that his wife and mother have lost their  chastity and   worked as Prostitutes. The play is full of dark images which show the devastating effect of war on  both human and society .


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