The Entity between Light and Lamp Epistemological Study of the Problems of the Text and the Plurality of Reading In the Linguistical Modern Lesson


  • Emad Jabbar Kadhem Dawood Al-Omairi جامعة واسط / كلية التربية للعلوم الانسانية



     The difference in the grasp of the subject of the text ,the concept and the limit does not mean, in my conception, that it is a preoccupation with no values, or a call without purpose, but rather the engagement and expansion of the knowledge the in a centralized of the entity that fragmentizes on orbits of human history, translated by different signals, signs and connotations in the light of value systems. If knowledge proceeds from a circle that shares a manifestation and an atrophy of a subject, from entity , thing and a relationship in a way that is spaced and convergent, then it is perceived, practiced, communicated, acted and intended - according to the reference of “who knew himself” - it inevitably seems to be shining and meaningful in all joints of existence, and the text is in it and to it in the way that it is a clarity and clarification, which, necessarily, witnessed in looking and reading, thought and interpretation.


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