Cultural and artistic concepts of the naked body and its impact on contemporary European art


  • عبير مجيد عبد النبي صالح جامعة بغداد - كلية الفنون الجميلة



There is no doubt that art is knowledge and contains a set of knowledge systems purely because knowledge is governed by its provisions, and we agree that knowledge produces a variety of continuous visions cannot be stopped as long as life is continuous, on the one hand and on the other hand knowledge of the accumulation and development and growth has achieved difference and this difference is a necessity is formed ( Dialectic argument) that we believe in all this, art is a culture of cognitive knowledge as it is (culture) We find that culture represents a group of information that we believe in being true, useful and productive, or we believe that it is an additional information to our minds which we measure in all phenomena of existence. Because art is knowledge, it is the source of culture and its export in a language specific to its own state of mind. Or (critical mind or critical thinking) As artists enter the history of art, it is a media culture that began with internationalities and empires. When Uric and Assyria enter, the sculpted art painted on the walls and alleys of the city gives you a message and an influence that is not without its readers of the ecology of the recipient. Thus, the exportation of culture in art was linked to religion through the temple and the church And the mosque despite the fact that each category has its obligations as we find it in rejecting the diagnosis, and the specificity of this rejection became variable with modernity and later when the culture of difference began to advance the spirituality of modernity and beyond, which was preoccupied by cubism, Traditional expressive abstract art body art collection, street art. The culture is "a starting point that cannot be captured in time and place. Thus, the culture of intercultural interaction between cultures and peoples is taken into account in what we call globalization, which is driven by cultural calls and the transfer of certain cultures to other peoples. And sometimes displaced in many cultures, ancient and even modern to form a global culture and one globalism adopted tools of technological communication until the twenty-first century called the Internet and there is problematic here between originality and identity and the modernist culture and beyond embodied in globalization Therefore, art is a life phenomenon that reacts and is influenced by any life variable. In particular, the late of our age is characterized by the era of awareness strategies that constitute belonging and hence the concept of art. The level of the priorities of culture as a deliberative formative art is governed by a series of intellectual philosophical conflicts first, The place and time in their two forms form the image of this trade of art of form, image and color. It is a culture in some of them, with philosophical and mythological references. The analysis of the manifestations of love and sex in terms of meanings and meanings according to the swing between the love of the spirit and the pleasure of the body. We have taken examples of the world's artistic heritage, examples that diverge in forms of expression depending on the different civilizations and their philosophy. The references and works agreed on their technical value were used. They were only able to analyze the contents of the community. In public, we were able to deduce specificities of our local arts in the expression of emotions and emotions. This was only possible after exploring the cultural heritage of art and after analogy compared to Western art in particular. We will not be able to display all the artistic works that we have based on in the research, and we may sometimes choose works that are infused with sexual emotions or abstract emotion without any images of sexual activity or any erotic element directly and vice versa.



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