The Significance of Political Neologisms

  • Saja Abdul Ameer Hadi MA Student of Language and Linguistics, Wasit University
  • Ali Muhsin Gharab AL--Majdawi جامعة واسط/ كلية التربية


      Almost all political vocabularies were neologisms.  The present study aimed to show the importance of neologisms in political language.  Neologisms are considered as the essential part of everyday speech.  So, the main goal is to show the reasons behind the creation of neologisms that have gained new senses through political, social, economic and cultural changes in society.  It points out the influence of political life upon culture and how culture helps politicians in producing political neologisms.  The study analyses these neologisms in order to give more understanding information about them.   The study concludes that people who work in the political field use neologisms to give a hidden message or to refer to the opposite of what they mean.


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