Transformations of the assignee in the rhetorical lesson


  • قيس مطلك الزبيدي Qais Mutlaq University of Qadisiyah \ Faculty of Education



The attention of grammatical research was to study the sentence as required by the linguistic system, while the attention of rhetorical research was to examine the considerations or advantages generated by the descent from the origin of that system, which is directly related to the circumstances of the statement. Hence, this study is concerned with the study of the shifts in the presentation of the subject, in the light of these considerations, and by relying on the saying "transformation" or "conversion", which refers to the American linguist Noam Chomsky And his efforts in linguistic research. The first is a virtual building that represents the outer shape of the sentence in the order of words in a certain pattern. This structure is known as the surface structure, and the second is a mystical building that represents the deep mental processes that inevitably follow. From its understanding of the creative nature of the language, this building is known as the "deep structure", And every surface of my speech is the product of those mental processes; that is, it returns to a deep structure is the structure of origin, and this indicates that the Plagyans were aware that the subject to him a set of transformations, and submission of one of these transformations, but the most important; Mohammed Abdul Muttalib that the rhetorical search was launched from the concept of accurate conversion, although not mentioned Balagheon modern terminology, but they were aware of it. 




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