A study for Reviewing the Attribution of Al-Ain Book to AL-Khalil


  • عامر صالح النباتي عامر صالح النباتي كلية اللغة العربية- جامعة أم القرى/ مكة المكرمة




This study aimed to authenticate whether ALAIN Book is attributed to AL-KHALIL or not through considering the texts of Sibawayh book related to phonetics and articulation of sounds whether attributed to Al-Khalil or not comparing them to the texts of Al-Ain book as well as considering the discrepancy of the texts of the two books and the unity of terms related to phonetics or the absence of terms in either two books. Through studying and comparing the texts of the two books, it was revealed that there is great discrepancy between the ideas and terms of Al-Ain book and Sibawayh book. There is a difference in the two books regarding estimating the articulation sounds and that many articulation sounds in Al-Ain book were less accurate than articulation sounds in Sibawayh book. The study also revealed that the characteristics Sibawayh used to describe sounds were absent in Al-Ain Book and the sounds in Al-Ain were different from Sibawayh book and that Al-Ain book used terms Sibawayh did not use in his book  Finally; the research concludes that Al-Ain book is not attributed to Al-Khalil. If this book had been for Al-Khalil, his opinions would have been appeared in Sibawayh book and the terms would have been mentioned in the two books noting that Sibawayh is the student of Al-Khalil and report the terms and opinions of Al-Khalil honestly .


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هند ه. . (2020). A study for Reviewing the Attribution of Al-Ain Book to AL-Khalil. Journal of Education College Wasit University, 3(37). https://doi.org/10.31185/eduj.Vol3.Iss37.1116