The Flood in Ancient Iranian Sources


  • جبار عزيز جبار عزيز وزارة التربية / مديرية تربية واسط



  Since ancient times, man has lived in constant conflict with the natural environment. The main objective of this struggle was to survive. The climate, one of the most important elements of the natural environment and the most influential in human life and activity, is the main factor in the threat of human, animal and plant existence. General in Iran, through the dense snow caused by the nature and cold country atmosphere especially in the winter , This study was designed to shed light on this threat, which threatened the country and its people, by examining this threat in many aspects, including historical and ideological in ancient Iran, as historical events indicate the occurrence of a natural disaster Exposed to the human race, animal and plant in ancient Iran, as well as the subtle signs that have come to illustrate some of Iran's ancient beliefs, especially concerning gods and humans and their relationship with each other.


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