Dramatic and educational recruitment of the narrator In school theater shows


  • QAIS ADNAN AMAN كلية الفنون الجميلة – جامعة واسط
  • SAAD FAKHIR SHABOOT College of Fine Arts - Wasit University




: شخصية الراوي ، المسرح المدرسي ، التوظيف الدرامي


School theater means primarily cooperation with a full life and in order to convey the educational message properly and influential we need presentations in the school theater to a dramatic figure in order to achieve direct and interactive communication with the recipient as a narrator, which may be in the form of doll or in the form of human figures and other personalities, the narrator It is considered a major figure and is the centerpiece and column of the theatrical presentation, especially at the school theater for students of the Department of Art Education, as it transmits information and in the form of narration or tales accurately using moving images and clear language. The researcher formulated a title for her research (the dramatic and educational employment of the narrator's character in the theater theater shows). Detection of the dramatic and educational employment of the character of the narrator in the school theater shows, as well as the researcher identified the basic terms that were addressed in the research

The second chapter was devoted only to the theoretical framework of research and previous studies in which the two subjects included, the first dealt with the school theater in Iraq its emergence and development, while the second topic character narrator and its role in the school theater, types of narrator, dramatic and educational functions of the character of the narrator, as was benefited from some studies

As for the third chapter, the researcher identified the research methodology and procedures and determined the research community which included four theatrical performances. The researcher designed his research tool (a content analysis form for theatrical presentation) was presented to a group of experts to reveal the achievement of validity and measure the objectives for which it was set, as well as the Fisher equation was used in statistical means

Through the presentation of the results of the researcher reached the most important conclusions and then the recommendations and suggestions made by the researcher.

       In conclusion, the researcher presented a list of Arabic sources and finally the researcher summarized in English for the resear


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