The dialogue in Surat al-Anam

  • حيدر تقـــي فضيـــــل جامعة واسط / كلية التربية للعلوم الانسانية
  • حيدر بريــــج حسـيـــن جامعة واسط / كلية التربية للعلوم الانسانية


       The method of dialogue is one of the greatest methods used by the wise male to instill the faith in the souls and establish its origins, and to show and show the truth, it is a letter from God to his servants, which commands them and their end, directs them and guides them, which is the key to hearts, a way of communication and understanding, and a way of getting to know and coming together, which is A method of preaching and reform, and the age of the prophets with their members to guide and guide them, and Islam has called for dialogue openly and clearly, a call for the practice of meaningful mental dialogue, without resorting to cruelty and violence and the abolition of the right of the other.

           In order to emphasize the importance of dialogue in Islam, we find that there are dozens of Qur'anic verses that order and urge dialogue, and the Surat al-Anam included an eloquent dialogue, influenced by the communicator and the listener, aimed at establishing faith in the souls, establishing the rules of faith, undermining the foundations of shirk, and nullifying the beliefs of the polytheists. This chapter opened a broad dialogue with the disbelievers, in all the main directions of kufr, whether theoretical or practical, so we made it a search orbit, which is one of three demands, which includes the first: the definition of dialogue, and the second includes: on the style of The third was the ideological and educational importance of the dialogue method.   


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