Religious Trend of Nizar Qabani's Poetry (Subjective &Comparative Study )

  • وفاء قحطان غافل وزارة التربية / مديرية تربية الديوانية



            There are many differences among researchers on Nizar Qabani's poetry and his life. His personality has still been vague to intellectuals. Some artists and intellectuals expected that he was the poet of True and Illicet,while others said he was the poet of illicit or the poet of Romance ,or the poet of politics and diplomacy. Some researchers thought that his poetry was as a knife,or he was the poet of moment. For all these reasons,we reached to conclusion that it is necessary to explain the religious trend which connected with Arab situation .His employing of the Holy Quran may be divided  into many parts:

  1. Direct quotation from the Holy Quran, which is divided into:
  2. Direct quota quotation of Quranic verse
  3. Context of Quranic meaning
  4. Context of names and Quranic Suras.
  5. Employing of Quranic story
  6. Employing of religious symbols
  7. Context of religious cities
  8. Context of other religious principles, especially Christian religion


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