Deity Governance It appears in the performance of the rulers of ancient Yemen in their religious rituals


  • Saad Abood Sammar جامعة واسط / كلية التربية للعلوم الانسانية



religious rituals, deities, ancient Yemen.


  This study sheds light on the political aspect of the ritual ritual performed by the ruler, whether it is agitated or king, and it is a confirmation of the dominance of the ruling deity that rituals lead to in the tribal political union, in return the image of the other gods of the union in front of it retracts. These religious rituals have their motives and their religious-political seasons.

 The most important of these rituals that we will address in this study are, first: the ritual pilgrimage, religious visits to the temples of the national god (the god of the political union of the state), we review in this ritual, the declaration of loyalty and obedience to the ruling god, and the crowning of the king, the numbers of feasts for the god, and the setting of fire for the god And offer sacrifices and sacrifices. As for the second ritual, it is (the sacred fishing), we will focus on discussing the performance of this ritual by the ruler, the reasons for this ritual, and its consequences. As for the third ritual, it is: (Holy Sacrifice), in which we show how the rulers performed it, and the obligations of this ritual, which documents the relationship of God to the ruler. In this study, we also discuss the rituals of building temples, reviewing the political motives behind their construction, their connection with the military operations carried out by the ruler, and the worship activities that take place in the temples with a political goal envisaged by the ruler. As for the last talk about these rituals, it was part of the ritual of the sacred banquet (the collective banquet) that takes place on public religious and social ceremonies, during which the animal sacrifices of the deities and the motives for their establishment are presented .


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عبود سمار س. (2020). Deity Governance It appears in the performance of the rulers of ancient Yemen in their religious rituals. Journal of Education College Wasit University, 1(38).




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