The struggle of European powers over the Horn of Africa and its effects

  • إنعام عبد العظيم الشاهي جامعة البصرة / كلية التربية للبنات
  • محمد حسن عبيد جامعة البصرة / كلية التربية للبنات


      Somalia witnessed a very harsh colonial experience, represented by the European conflict in the region in the late nineteenth century , was under the occupation of three European countries (Britain , France and Italy) , as well as the occupation of Ethiopia to the Ogaden region , which caused the dismemberment of Somalia, which was one of the reasons that suffers Including the Horn of Africa today of border problems or differences in the distribution of tribes or separation of the people of the homeland or the intervention of major countries in the affairs of this country, which originally dates back to that era of the nineteenth century, which began with the withdrawal of Egypt forced from the Horn of Africa Britain and other great powers of the era played a role that we cannot overlook when we talk about the problems of the Horn of Africa.



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