Silent divorce

  • رنا حكمت عباس جامعة واسط / كلية الآداب


Is a situation that has arisen in our societies recently and is the most dangerous and deadly on the family of divorce. In this case there is no divorce, but the marriage contract remains valid between the spouses, but both live in isolation from each other in all aspects of his life, so that they do not sleep in the same room”. “This situation comes in the absence of affection, mercy and love on which the homes are built, so these qualities are removed from the hearts of the couple; there is only the duty to be together, for fear of absolute title or absolute, especially the absolute title of the wife; This situation may not be known to anyone outside the couple, in front of the family and friends; they are like more beloved Hiama each other, but in their absence; the family mask and return to the face of uglyseparation”.


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