The social impact of the culture of poverty in Iraqi society

  • لقاء عبد الهادي مسير جامعة القادسية / كلية التربية للبنات


The subject of research on, The social impact of the culture of poverty in Iraqi society after dealing with several studies  Social and anthropological and economic phenomenon of poverty, which is one of the difficult social problems that threaten social stability, but the concept of culture of poverty has not received attention despite the great importance of this anthropological concept, which was interested in studying by American researcher Oscar Lewis, which means that people living in poverty, Their characteristics and behavior and their sense of their value within the community, and their loss of ability to social mobility, These social behaviors, although they make the poor live with their poverty in some way but it works with time to devote their poverty, while some anthropologists see it as a subculture passed from one generation to another generation, and when this culture invaded the surface of society affect his children who acquire values ​​and behaviors Which are transmitted to them by the social milieu, which leads to their sense of helplessness and lack of communication with the members of society.The study reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which are:

1 - The impact of the culture of poverty on children in Iraqi society will be through the acquisition of values, customs and beliefs and misconduct social behaviors that lead to isolation and lack of social integration with members of society.

2- The wars and the social, economic and cultural conditions facing the Iraqi society led to the deterioration of the standard of living and many services and social welfare of the poor families, which contributed to the marginalization of their social and cultural role.

In light of the conclusions of the study, the researcher put a set of recommendations that would reduce the severity of this phenomenon, including:

  1. Improve and improve the health, education and cultural level of the poor through the application and activation of the social security law and social solidarity, which reduces the disparity between poor men and women and between the various strata of society in the distribution of wealth and income, which provides them with protection and social welfare within Iraqi society.

2 - Develop a development plan in the face and combat the causes of the spread of poverty by the State and governmental organizations and civil society organizations to reduce and address the problem of poverty in Iraqi society.



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