Nature of swearing in Iraqi Arabic Society: A Sociolinguistic Study

  • Tawfeeq Majeed Ahmed Kerbala University/ College of Education for Humanities


There are no arguments that swearing is a universal linguistic and psychological phenomenon. Many studies proved that people all over the world and in different times used to swear while talking. Of course, each society has its own way in talking the oath, whether in the expressions used or by some body movements that accompanied swearing. Regardless these differences, swearing almost always is used to achieve a common purpose. The current study sheds the light on this aspect linguistically in Iraqi Arabic society. There would sometimes be a reference to Arab people in general for the similarity between Iraqi and other Arab countries in many respects. This is in addition to take into account some shared features with other foreign communities. Religious oaths, swearing by holy people (alive or dead), shrines, times in addition to dear persons were the most elements to be sworn by according to the findings of the study.


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