Flipped Classroom as a New Promoting Class Management Technique


  • Rana H. Al-Bahrani College of Education for Women University of Baghdad




Keywords: flipped classrooms, traditional classrooms, promote, conversation, class management, Iraq.


The present paper is a small-scale study that involves the application of the flipped classroom model in teaching conversation. The model has been applied to first year university level students at the Department of English/ College of Education for Women/University of Baghdad. The flipping technique has been applied using a close Facebook page that involves only the professor and her students. Results have shown that such a model helps university professors to prepare and announce the readiness of their lectures to be read and visited by students. Such a technique fits the new semester policy to be adopted by the college soon. This is because in case there is more than one professor at the same department who teaches a given subject, students will choose the one who is known by her/his announcement of attractive and comprehensible teaching materials. Accordingly, the early announcement about a given teaching material functions as an act or an invitation for students to attend a professor's classes. Further, such a model highly suits the situations whereby students cannot access the classes face-to-face due to lack of security issues, or natural disasters, etc.


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