The conflict of gods with mankind in the ancient Egyptian beliefs


  • Saad Abood Sammar كلية التربية للعلوم الانسانية/ جامعة واسط
  • Suhad Ali Abid al- Hussein كلية التربية/ جامعة القادسية


conflict, gods, beliefs, ancient Egypt


Religion in Egypt was connected with gods and the material life and perhaps continued up to now , where it entered in varions parts of his life , politically and socially. It is noted that man´s political life renewed and developed along with the way his religion developed alike , and Therefore , the Egyptian society restricted with the necessity of respecting the regulations and commands of gods and their agents on the earth , the pharaoh as the political leader who was seen also as the son of god and the highest leader on the earth. Whereas his god was the upper leader in the sky (heaven). This picture appears in the myth of conflict of gods , like that of the god “Ra´” and “Isis”. And consequently, the political structure in Egypt as a united state or one kingdom was decided by the upper gods , and represented down by the political leader on earth as a sacred man . Moreover, that idea had formed the political and religious unity of ancient kingdoms of Egypt to be united under one great god and by a new royal system.

What is also important here to be refered to is that the ancient Egyptian gods had been always presented and seen as serring the society and trying to raise it to be perfect and high and avoid disorder so as to spread good human behaviors’ and princibles.


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