The relationship of population density to infection with Corona virus in Baghdad Governorate


  • lamyaa Ahmed Mohsin كلية التربية / الجامعة المستنصرية


density, population, infection, virus, corona


        The research aims to clarify the relationship between population and land area and its impact on the spread of epidemic diseases by studying the population density of Baghdad Governorate at the district level, and population density is a demographic measure usually used in demography to measure the average number of inhabitants in a particular geographical area, which is extracted by dividing The number of inhabitants of an area over the area of ​​the area, and the unit by which the general density is measured is (people / km2). The study problem is: Do the districts of Baghdad governorate that have high rates of Corona virus suffer from high population density rates?

The hypothesis is the high rates of infection of the population of Baghdad governorate with the Corona virus in districts with high population density rates. And for the stability of this hypothesis, the descriptive and analytical geographic approach was adopted, depending on the data of the Central Statistical Organization in the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and data of the World Health Organization in addition to books and related studies. The most important results of the research are:

The general mathematical density rate in Baghdad governorate rose to its highest level in Al-Sadr district, which is (24732) people / km2, and decreases to the lowest in Tarmiyah district, which reached (304) people / km2, the highest rate of confirmed cases of Corona virus disease was recorded in Baghdad Governorate From the date of February 27 to September 24, 2020, it went to Al-Karkh district and reached (30.2%), while the lowest percentage reached (1%) in the Tarmiyah district.

And by using the correlation coefficient Pearson, it was found that there is a strong direct relationship between the rate of population density and the number of people infected with Coronavirus disease in Baghdad governorate, which reached (0.707) due to the high degree of saturation of the districts' areas with their inhabitants as a result of the small area compared to the number of residents as in the Sadr district, where the prevalence of infection increases Corona virus disease has reached its maximum among the residents of Al-Sadr District with the highest population density, which is 20 per thousand, either the lowest prevalence of disease was represented in both (Mahmoudiya and Abu Ghraib) and (4) per thousand districts for the above period of time.


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