The quantitative and qualitative variation of the characteristics of groundwater in the Dujaili district


  • Estabraq .K.AL-masoodi كلية التربية للعلوم الانسانية / جامعة واسط


Keywrds : Meteoric gemesis indices. Sodium Absorption Ratio SAR. Spatial Modeling


The study The quantitative and qualitative variation of the characteristics of groundwater in the Dujaili district in Wassit area within Wassit governorate. The results of the study were: 10 wells distributed in the study area and water and chemical analysis for April 2019. The results showed a difference in the specific characteristics of the water for different locations. (1071-7274) US / cm The value of sodium adsorption was between 103-3.33 mm / L, and the results showed that the ion values differed in situ for all the studied indicators. The electrical conductivity ranged from 1071-7274 / Magnesium (mg) is between (54-99 mg / L) and all soluble salts (TDS) values ranged between (998-1691 mg / liter) and chloride (CL) Its value ranged between (90-262) mg / L. There are also site differences for all the studied parameters according to the use of the wells' water and the surrounding conditions. The values of the elements for the water samples showed their validity for drinking purposes. The evaluation of the water viability of irrigation is based on the hydrocemic variables of soluble salts, sodium to calcium, bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium on both plant and soil. It is also based on sodium adsorption (SAR) and residual sodium carbonate (RSC) Water. The Wilcox (1954) wilicox scheme was also used to classify groundwater for irrigation purposes. It was prepared by drawing a percentage of sodium (Na%) against the charge of electrical conductivity (EC) It was found that 90% of the sites are in the good to excellent category and (10%) are in the unsuitable category, as are both the hydrogeochemical indicators of sodium adsorption (SAR) and the base exchange index (R1) and the water index in terms of generation (Meteoric genesis index (R2)) .There are also criteria used to evaluate groundwater by Na (%, P1) and for irrigation water assessment, and the results showed that most groundwater samples are suitable for irrigation.

As for the validity of water wells for animal use has been used Altoviski (1962), which depends on the concentrations of positive and negative ions and dissolved salts and total hardness has been found that all water samples and all sites fall within the category is very good according to global determinants       .


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