The effect of educational color strategy on developing educational sense in science teaching


  • Amer Karim Hadal كلية الزراعة / جامعة واسط



      The research aims to identify the effect of the educational color strategy on developing educational sense in teaching Sciences .                                                                                     

To verify the goal of the current research, he put the null hypothesis,which is:

There are no statistically significant differences at (05.0%)     between the average difference of (pre-test scores)

And Dimensional) for students of the experimental group that  studied science with the educational color strategy, and the  average

The difference of test scores (pre and post) for students of the control group that studied the same subject in the manner

Habitual (traditional) teaching sense development.

To verify this, the researcher chose an experimental design with two groups, one experimental and the other a control.

The researcher was informed of the research community, which is the middle schools in Al-Kut, and the researcher chose a sample

The search is randomly assigned to my school, al-Kindi Medium School for Boys and Imam al-Hassan Intermediate School for Boys

Each of the selected schools (2), with a total of (256) students, was chosen by random drawing

Division (A) of Al-Kindi Intermediate School for Boys as an      experimental group and Division (A) of the Imam Al-Hassan    Intermediate School for Boys

As a control group, where the research sample was in both groups (64) students.

Reward the researcher between students of the two groups of research in variables (chronological age, previous academic achievement

For the semester of biology, Raven's IQ test, didactic sense test, in science                                                                                                 .


The researcher prepared by analyzing the science content (100) behavioral goals that covered the topics specified in

The last three chapters of the course book. He also prepared instructional plans for these topics, and the researcher himself

By teaching the two groups, he developed the research tool, which is the educational sense test                                 .

Psychometric changes in (75) items, and the duration of the      experiment took (10) weeks, and the researcher processed the data

Study it statistically using appropriate statistical means.

After analyzing the results statistically, the following shows:


There were statistically significant differences at (05.0) level between students of the experimental group and students


The control group in the educational sense, as the students of the experimental group outperformed the students

Control group                                                                                     .


In light of the results of the research, the researcher recommended the importance of using educational colors in teaching science to students


The second grade is intermediate, and the researcher also suggested conducting similar studies on stages and other study materials

And in other dependent variables


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