Postmodernism and Technology in Don Delillo's Novel The White Noise


  • Enas Subhi Amer1, Asst.Prof. University of Baghdad/ College of Education for Women/ Department of English1,2
  • حنان عباس حسين, م . م University of Baghdad/ College of Education for Women/ Department of English1,2



This paper aims at investigating the effect of postmodernism and technology on the social life in Don Delillo's novel The White Noise. In this novel, Don Delillo portrays the chaotic life by using modern technology which has been presented by three ways. The first way is by television as being a source of information and entertainment. The second way is by the toxic event whereas the third is by Dylar's episode and its destructive consequences. He depicts that through the atmosphere of Jack's family plus its effects on the life and thoughts of the elders and society. He proves that technology is leading humanity not to safety, but to death. He further highlights that by showing the impact of technology on the life of the main characters in his novel The White Noise.


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