Synoptic analysis of floodwaters affecting East Wasit Governorate and its impacts on infrastructure and agricultural land


  • مالك ناصر عبود الكناني, أ.م.د جامعة واسط/ كلية التربية
  • محمد كريم جنيط الشمري, د. وزارة التربية/ مديرية تربية واسط



The area of ​​study in the eastern regions of Wasit province in Iraq is in a district and includes the district of Badra, which includes the area of ​​Zurbatia, the center of the district of Badra and the province of Jassan and some areas of Kut district, including the Sheikh Saad district and the eastern provinces of Kut district.

The study aims to study floodwaters, which reach the amount of water discharge in the rivers of the eastern border of Wasit to more than 500 m3 / s, as the eastern parts of Wasit province to (5) rain waves flood during 2018, led to increased flows of border rivers, Kallal Badra, Kallal Tursug, and the Jabbab River), which led to major floods and rages that caused significant environmental damage to infrastructure such as electricity poles, schools, roads, bridges, sinking agricultural lands, sinking of some villages and the migration of residents to neighboring areas

The study also aims to study the air systems that cause these heavy rains within the levels of (1000, 850, 500) millibar, and determine the intensity of these rain waves and the quantities of water flowing during the days of the rain waves.


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