Aesthetic Reader of Kristen Lang’s Modern Ecopoem


  • Muslim Abbas Eidan Al-Ta’an, dr Faculty of Languages/University of Kufa



           The present paper attempts to examine the modern poetic discourse of the most outstanding Australian woman-poet Kristen Lang in terms of aesthetics of the potential energy of feminist ecopoetics. Lang plays a key part in constructing an aesthetic affinity with nature and the non-human world. Moreover, she creates an aesthetic area in her ecopoem to attract her reader to be aesthetically involved in her poetic experience. The poet works as an aesthetic defender of both woman and nature by means of what comes to be called as ecofeminism. Consciously or unconsciously, the poet applies such kind of ecocentric philosophy to her poems. The poet discusses a very sensitive and crucial issue of ‘domination of woman’ by man which has a common ground with ‘domination of nature’. Furthermore, Lang deals with her poetic discourse, as a creator and creative thinker, in terms of aesthetic physicality. Her ecopoem is a body of human and non-human experience. The paper, therefore, debates over such significant issue in some selected poems written by that poet pointing out the role of the aesthetic reader in such modern experience.


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