Raise the Hesds up on the Bayonets of Spears a historical study Al –Tuff Battle as a model


  • Mohamed Abd El-Rida Chnaitr وزارة التربية / تربية بغداد /الرصافة الثالثة




Imam Al-Hussein (peace be upon him), the second tribe of the Prophet, his grandfather, the Messenger of God Muhammad, his father Ali bin Abi Talib, peace be upon him, inherited the science of the Messenger and the door to the city of science, and his mother Fatima Al-Zahra bint Muhammad, the lady of the women of the worlds, and history did not transmit to us those beheadings, or gifted and transmitted from a place For another, as a result of the occurrence of kindness, it cannot be judged as instantaneous reactions that are born of its moment, but rather, the secretions of profound hatred that ran dry in the hearts of the people until they showed it at that fateful moment, so they lined up with their black hatred, this is what can be clearly identified in the actions of the people not It can only come from hatred boiled in the hearts of the people of Umayyah, and their followers showed it on that day. It seemed from how to deal with the bodies of the dead, as the amount of that hatred was clearly evident, so that the shredding (asunder) was not enough. To what extent the nation of Muhammad has reached the level of meanness and malice, and they claim belonging to the best religion known to mankind by its valuable human teachings, and how dare it be claimed by Islam whoever commits this crime, who refuses the souls of the poorest and poorest of them to commit, stripping Ibn Bint Rasul Allah of Ripped dress stained with Blood, and why? But they did all of this, and they claim that they are Muslims. As for shedding the blood of the zakis, beheading, gifting and carrying them in the countries, there remains a stigma and shame on the forehead of the titans written by history and never erased.


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عبد الرضا شنيتر م. . (2020). Raise the Hesds up on the Bayonets of Spears a historical study Al –Tuff Battle as a model. Journal of Education College Wasit University, 2(41), 287-322. https://doi.org/10.31185/eduj.Vol2.Iss41.1824