Geographical view of the problems of traffic police in the urban environment (the city of Kut, a case study)


  • LUMA ABDLMUNAF RAHEEM جامعة واسط / كلية التربية للعلوم الانسانية / قسم الجغرافية



traffic police, traffic police proplems, health proplem , economic problems , social problems


      The research sheds light on an important element of the urban transport organization represented by the traffic police being the safety valve for transportation, especially within the urban space, in order to identify their problems and propose appropriate solutions to them By using the method of inductive analysis and quantitative analysis of the data obtained from the Wasit Governorate Traffic Directorate, as well as a questionnaire form, field survey and collecting information from books and scientific sources, the research reached the existence of health problems, the most prominent of which are joint disease problems that 56.7% of them suffer from the nature of their work that requires standing for long hours , Followed by respiratory diseases, of which 18.7% of them complain as a result of their exposure to climatic conditions and environmental pollution of the city air with pollutants, With a great lack of health and safety requirements in their workplace on the street, which affects their infection with other diseases such as heat stroke, eye diseases, skin diseases, psychiatric diseases and hearing diseases related to noise pollution. In addition to the social problems, the most prominent of which were the quarrels with road users as a result of their poor traffic awareness and family problems, while their economic problems were their insufficient income and their inability to cover treatment expenses when they were exposed or one of their family members was exposed to diseases and the lack of adequate housing for about 52.7%, as well. The fact that they are obliged to purchase uniforms, due to the insufficient and inadequate supply of them, leads to another economic burden..



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