Investigating Postgraduate Students’ Perceptions Toward Learning ESP Via Google Classrooms Platform


  • Ali Sabah Jameel Al-Khayyat جامعة الانبار/ كلية الاداب / قسم اللغة الانجليزية



: Postgraduate Students; Perceptions; Learning ESP; Google Classrooms Platform


     Postgraduate students in Iraqi universities study English language as English for specific purpose (ESP) and also English for general purpose (EGP). English is taught as foreign language in Iraqi schools and universities. Using technology in teaching has witnessed wide spread all over the world in recent years. Technology has provided opportunity to learn outside classroom which becomes an instrument of teaching and learning. The most available and authentic way of teaching via technology is using the free Google Classroom Platform (GCP). Teaching via GCP provides real connection between teacher and learners, authentic materials from live sources, multimedia aids, peer cooperation and feedback, grading systems, and assignments. To this end, the aim of the present study is to reveal postgraduate students’ perceptions toward learning ESP via Google Classroom Platform (GCP). To achieve the aim of the study, the following question was set: “What are postgraduate students’ perceptions toward learning ESP via Google Classroom Platform (GCP)?” The participants were 24 postgraduate students who study English language course as ESP from Department of Arabic, College of Arts, University of Anbar during the first academic year 2019-2020. To collect the data of the study, an attitudinal questionnaire was built. Its validity and reliability were calculated. The findings reveal that there are positive attitudes toward learning via GCP. It is a method that develops learners’ language ability in a joyful and interesting way.


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